Katalon Recorder: Test Automation for Start-Ups & Small Teams

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This chapter walks you through creating and executing automated tests with Katalon Recorder. You will also learn how to execute a dynamic test suite, integrate with TestOps for reporting, and export your tests to Katalon Studio.
Reducing Frictions in Testing Activities to Scale Faster

If you are new to test automation, or want to try out a testing tool that requires little programming experience, then Katalon Recorder is for you.

Katalon Recorder is a free lightweight browser extension for automated testing on the web. This extension helps you turn interactions on websites into automated test scripts that you can edit and execute easily. Start-ups and small businesses can use Katalon Recorder to quickly perform cross-browser automated testing on Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • What to expect when starting test automation
  • What popular test automation tools in the market have to offer
  • An efficient way to kick-start test automation
  • Reducing frictions in testing activities to scale faster

By the end of this course, you will know how to apply data-driven testing, use tags for test cases to run a dynamic test suite, view advanced reports on TestOps, and export Recorder tests to Katalon Studio.

Chapter 1 - Katalon Test Automation Platform

Chapter 3 - Reducing Frictions in Testing Activities to Scale Faster


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