Getting Started with the Katalon Platform: Creating Your First Project

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This chapter guides you through the steps to perform a basic testing workflow using the Katalon Platform. You will understand how the platform can enhance the collaboration and communication of your team.
Performing a Simple Testing Workflow Using Katalon

Katalon Platform is a software quality management platform that enables you to conduct the entire software testing life cycle (STLC) and deliver high-quality software in every release. It offers different modules and solutions for each phase of the testing cycle, including test planning, authoring, organizing, executing, and analyzing.

This course will explain the core components of the Katalon Platform and guide you on the initial setup to start using it.

In three chapters, you will learn about:

  • The core components of the Katalon Platform and how they fit in the STLC
  • How to create your first testing project and install Katalon Studio for designing/authoring tests
  • How to use the Katalon Platform to perform a simple testing workflow
  • The support resources for further self-learning about the Katalon Platform

By the end of this course, you will get a full picture of the Katalon Platform, how to start and utilize it for your testing projects.

Chapter 2 - Creating Your First Project in the Katalon Platform

Chapter 3 - Performing a Simple Testing Workflow Using Katalon

Student Reviews

Very helpful course!


so amazing

Good intro into katalon platform


There is no integrated/mock-up testing. This is a very bad course.

Easy to understand and follow, although the part where I had to connect and upload my test script from my Git repository to Katalon TestOps was a bit of a hassle. But nevertheless, this course has enabled me to know the basic navigation & operation of Katalon Studio 👍

very descriptive and clearly designed.
Thank you to everyone involved.

little too fast

Easy to understand and informative, thanks


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