API Testing With Katalon: The Basics

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Chapter 4 - SOAP API Testing

This chapter demonstrates how to use Katalon Studio to quickly generate JASON or XML paths and verification scripts. You will learn how to use different keywords and variables in a test case to verify response data.
API Response Verification

This course guides you on how to use Katalon Studio for API testing at a basic level.

In five chapters, you will learn about:

  • How to install Katalon Studio and create your first API testing project
  • The steps to create your first test to run a GET request for REST API testing, verify and validate the response
  • How to use Katalon Studio for other HTTP methods for REST API testing
  • How to use Katalon Studio for SOAP API Testing
  • How to use different keywords in a test case for API verification

Student Reviews

Usefull for my API testing. Recommended for learning.

Good one. Explained very well.

Good for beginners.

Excellent course, learnt almost everything I had hoped to learn. Couple of points: 1) I had to change some of the Asana details to make some tests work - might be worth checking that this course keeps pace with any changes Asana makes, and 2) I'd hoped to learn how to incorporate the API requests into test cases, peraps passing variables between test cases (but maybe this is in a subsequent course). But overall this course has been fantastic.

Variables defined at Objekt Repository Level are called "Variables at Test Case Level" But actually not a single TestCase was created during this Course!


A little bit short, but great info.

Very good lecture

It was a good course but We need some more depth .

Great course covers the basics of API testing. Helped my team to get started with Katalon API testing.

How to add methods in Test Cases these details are missing.

Good explanation .

This course is so amazing .

Great ! Easy to understand

Very Nice


Excellent. I really love this course




It's nice..

Not very well explained.

Thank you.


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