Transition from Manual to Automated Testing Using Katalon Studio

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This chapter delves into what differentiates Katalon from alternative automation testing tools. Requiring little to no prior coding knowledge, discover how Katalon Studio helps manual testers to easily switch to automation.
Katalon Studio: An Easy-to-Use Solution for Automation Beginners

Organizations are now accelerating Agile and DevOps practices, thus fueling the demand for automation QA professionals. This course serves as a helpful guide for the manual testing transition to the automation testing process, inspiring practical actions and preparing you for the journey ahead.

The following three chapters will cover topics such as:

  • Key ideas of applying test automation
  • How Katalon Studio helps manual testers easily switch to automation testing
  • The basics of switching to automation testing with Katalon Studio demo 
  • Core outcomes after 1-year using Katalon Studio

Chapter 1 - Why & How Automation Fix Testing Problems

Chapter 2 - Katalon Studio: An Easy-to-Use Solution for Automation Beginners

Chapter 3 - One Year Reflection on Katalon Studio’s Journey

Student Reviews

Best ...!

Enjoyed and learned lot ....

It was very helpful..



well explained


Great presenters and slides. Rate 5

Audio lacked clarity and

too theory!

Felt more like a presentation than someone helping and teaching you. Chapter 2 was scattered and didn't explain or help much. The other two chapters were just presentations on why this software is good. Not how to use it.

Great, thanks for this return on experience.
7K tests isn't that odd even if not recommanded wherever : with model based testing ... it's a given in fact. Trading platforms usually score 20K+ tests !^^ And maintaining those is a real challenge !^^

Did not enjoy this 'course' at all. Worst yet and would not recommend anyone doing this. Split it out and give better examples - sitting on the same screen/slide while someone just talks is extremely difficult to follow. Or make this a pod cast but please do not label this as a course for people to suffer through. No quiz because there is no real learning happening here.

It will be great if there is a subtitle for it (for English first) to avoid any misunderstanding.

It was great experience to see how the katalon studio works and lots of information about how convert from manual to automate testing environment.

I'm a bit disappointed. I was expecting way more information than the one that is being lectured through out the course. It gives little to no information of how the transition between the manual testing to automated testing should be done, as well as best practices and tips. There is lots of space for improvement since it's only missing the practical part of the transition.

I'll try to find a book and the official web site. Thanks for free courses!

good information but not a good presentation

5 star

It is very good one for me and obviously one who is willing to dig in for automation.

Complete course!


Testing on production.


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