How to Optimize Katalon Test Automation with SeaLights

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3 Chapters
This chapter takes a deep dive into how SeaLights works and optimizes Katalon test automation with Smart Test Selection and Test Impact Analysis. You will get to know real-life use cases of how combining the tools has helped teams increase testing efficiency and achieve quality at speed.
How SeaLights Can Optimize Katalon Test Automation

This course demonstrates how Katalon as an all-in-one test automation platform can unlock the testing bottleneck in software development, leveraged with Smart Test Selection and Impact Analysis of SeaLights.

In three chapters, Coty Rosenblath (the CTO of Katalon) and Alon Eizenman (the CTO &  Co-founder of SeaLights) will walk you through:

  • Why testing has become the bottleneck in software development
  • Highlights of Katalon as an all-round platform for test automation
  • How you can organize and manage tests effectively with Katalon Studio to bypass testing bottlenecks
  • How SeaLights works to further optimize Katalon test automation

Chapter 1 - Testing – The Software Development Bottleneck

Chapter 2 - Bypassing The Bottleneck With Katalon Studio

Chapter 3 - How SeaLights Can Optimize Katalon Test Automation


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