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This chapter explains the benefits of cloud-based testing and how Katalon TestCloud stands out from other available tools on the market.
Advantages of Katalon TestCloud

Katalon TestCloud opens the gate for easy cross-browser testing for Katalon tests, increasing the test coverage and confidence level of your software releases.

This course explains the advantages of using Katalon TestCloud over other options and demonstrates the simple steps to integrate within the Katalon platform, set up cloud environments, run tests and manage the results.

In three chapters, you will learn about:

  • The common use cases and unique benefits of using Katalon TestCloud
  • How to integrate TestCloud to schedule and run tests with different operating systems, browsers, and browser versions
  • Introduction to TestCloud tunnel, how to configure, and use it to run tests in a private domain

At the end of this course, you will know how easy it is to use Katalon TestCloud for cross-browser testing.

Chapter 1 - Advantages of Katalon TestCloud

Advantages of Katalon TestCloud


Hi, welcome to Katalon Academy and the first chapter of this course where you will learn about what TestCloud can do and how it streamlines your testing efforts, significantly. Let's say, your team develops a web application. Since different browsers and platforms have their own ways to interpret code, you will have to test your application on different platforms, to make sure it looks and behaves the way you want.


You will need to test it with some of the most popular browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari) and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Even more careful, you need to test with different versions of browsers. These tests would take a huge amount of time, especially if you don't have enough resources or do it manually. Not every QA team is equipped with enough physical machines to test on different OS. And some environments are hard to set up. You'll need a virtual machine, like Linux for example.


That's when Katalon TestCloud comes in handy - a cloud-based test execution environment where you can automate test scripts across the most popular browsers and operating systems. The benefits of testing on the cloud are obvious, as you've already known.


It makes your testing more comprehensive by granting you easy access to a wide range of browsers and OS, hence increasing test coverage, and confidence level. Moreover, it's highly cost-effective. Think about the time and resources to set up, deploy and test with physical infrastructure. Not to mention the efforts to maintain and upgrade it. Cloud-based testing helps you get straight into testing, hence, reducing your time and resources.


Now, there are many cloud-based testing tools available on the market. But here's how Katalon TestCloud stands out from other competitors. It's easy to use with native integration within the platform. From Katalon Studio or TestOps, you can set up an environment on the cloud and run tests immediately, without heavy configuration or any third-party connection.


It seamlessly completes your Katalon automation experience. You can now design your automated tests with Studio, run them on different platforms using TestCloud, and then gain insights and orchestrate the whole testing process with TestOps. All under just one Katalon account. It's also better for your team to manage your testing tech stack and get support from just one qualified vendor.


And most importantly, TestCloud offers an enterprise level of security. With TestCloud Tunnel, you can get a secure connection to local resources, allowing your team can test in a restricted environment, avoiding security risks that might come from unwanted external access from the global network.

You can try out Katalon TestCloud for free, just like Katalon Studio Enterprise. When you create an organization for your test projects in TestOps, you will get a 30-day trial to use TestCloud.


So, if you are new to Katalon, you will have 30 days to use all the full capabilities of the Katalon platform, to evaluate if it's a good fit for your team's needs. After that, you can continue to use the platform for free, but with limited features. Go to, sign up if required, install Katalon Studio, follow this course, and explore the platform.

That's all for the introduction. If you've already used Katalon by any means, TestCloud will surely add more value to your investment. In the next chapters, we'll show you how easy it is to connect and use TestCloud in the Katalon platform.

Chapter 2 - Easy Cross-browser Testing With Katalon TestCloud

Chapter 3 - How to Use TestCloud Tunnel for Testing in a Private Domain

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