AI Visual Testing with Katalon: Easy and Reliable

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This chapter demonstrates the simple steps to update your baseline images to keep your visual tests up-to-date with the latest application’s UI. You will also learn to exclude specific zones from visual testing to have more flexibility and keep your test results reliable.
Modifying Baseline Images and Ignore Zones for Visual Testing

Visual aspects matter, very much. When talking about high-quality user experience, an application’s UI is just as important as all the functionalities and cannot be overlooked.

For visual testing, many teams choose to perform manually or use the pixel-comparison method for automation. The problem with the former approach is that it takes too much time and resources. The latter, on the other hand, can result in many false positives since just a few mismatched pixels are enough to cause the tests to fail. In reality, these mismatches are acceptable to human eyes.

Katalon leverages AI for visual testing. With layout-based and content-based comparison methods, users can overcome the problem of false positives and focus on the major UI changes that really matter to humans. For more information on Katalon visual testing, click here.

This course demonstrates the seamless setup and reliability of Katalon visual testing. In three chapters, you will learn about:

  • The simple steps to create a test case for both functional and visual testing
  • How to schedule and execute visual tests in Katalon
  • Katalon’s AI layout and content-based comparison methods and how they’re better than the pixel method
  • How to manage baseline image collections and visual test results in Katalon

Chapter 1 - Simple Steps to Create Visual Tests in Katalon

Chapter 3 - Modifying Baseline Images and Ignore Zones for Visual Testing

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