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Katalon Certifications offer you a growth path and career advantage by validating your testing skills and real world experience using the Katalon Platform.
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Learn job-ready automation skills with Katalon

New career & networking opportunities
New career & networking opportunities
Katalon has 100K+ users across 30K+ teams in startups, businesses, and enterprises around the globe.
Boost professional development
Boost professional development
Proudly display your knowledge of Katalon Platform by attaching your certifications to online professional and social profiles.
Start with little to no experience
Start with little to no experience
Leverage Katalon low-code solutions to gain job-ready automation skills and knowledge.
Learn for free at your own pace
Learn for free at your own pace
Learn whenever it best suits you since Katalon Academy courses are online and self-paced.

Katalon certification program overview

Katalon certificates are awarded to users with expertise and experience in using the Katalon Platform for real-life projects. Although coursework is recommended, Katalon Certification Program does not require you to complete courses or exams.

There are three types of certification and each has specific criteria to meet based on product usage. The certificates will be valid for 2 years from the issue date.


Demonstrates the ability to use Katalon Studio to create, run automated tests, and implement test automation.
Solutions: Katalon Studio Free or Katalon Studio Enterprise.



Create 50 test cases
Create 30 test objects
Create 5 variables in test cases


Create 10 test suites
Create 3 test suite collections
Create 3 data files for data-driven testing


Run 75 test case/suite/suite collection executions


Demonstrates the ability to perform efficient automated testing using a combination of Katalon solutions and advanced functionalities.
Solutions: Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon TestCloud.



Create 10 custom keywords
Create 10 test scripts using Katalon StudioAssist (AI)


Run 150 test executions, including at least:
10 test suite executions
5 test suite collection executions
3 test executions via command lines

Analyze and report:

Run 10 test executions with Debug mode
View 50 test suite execution reports

Increase testing efficiency:

Approve 5 Self-healing proposals for locator replacement
Run 1 cross-browser test execution in Katalon Studio with TestCloud environments
Run 1 test execution in Katalon Studio with Katalon TestCloud Tunnel


Demonstrates the significant ability and extensive experience in using the Katalon Platform for test automation and overseeing testing quality.
Solutions: Katalon TestOps, Katalon Studio, and Katalon TestCloud.


Run tests locally:

Run 30 test case/suite/suite collection executions in Katalon Studio

Set up and plan:

Connect a script repository to Katalon TestOps
Create 3 releases in Katalon TestOps
Link 5 test runs to releases in Katalon TestOps

Create and organize:

Generate 10 manual test cases in Katalon TestOps from Jira requirements
Add custom fields to 5 test cases in Katalon TestOps
Add tags to 5 test cases in Katalon TestOps


Run 3 test executions with Katalon TestCloud environments through Katalon TestOps
Run 1 test execution in a private domain with Katalon TestCloud Tunnel through Katalon TestOps
Run 3 test run executions on TestOps agents (Local or Docker) using Katalon Runtime Engine

Analyze and report:

Have 200 test execution results in Katalon TestOps

1. All criteria can be achieved using either the free or paid version of Katalon solutions.

2. Katalon may update the qualification criteria from time to time. In such cases, the existing certificates from the previous criteria will still remain valid.

6 steps to get certified by Katalon


Join the program

You will join our Katalon Certification Program automatically by logging in to Katalon Academy for the first time.



Enroll in Academy courses to learn to use the Katalon Platform to meet the certification criteria.


Use Katalon

Download and use Katalon Studio to get started with the Practitioner and Professional levels. Then, log in to Katalon TestOps to work your way up to the Expert level.


Track your progress

Go to your user profile on Katalon Academy to track your progress against the criteria.


Receive the certificates

If you meet all the criteria, you will receive an email from us for your certification achievements.



Polish your LinkedIn profile by sharing your Katalon certificates or include them in your resume.

Our reviews

Ashok Kumar Manohar

Associate Quality Lead at CNSI

I started my certification journey by taking the Katalon Academy courses. I learned a lot about Katalon Studio and the automation process. The program has helped me to become a more proficient automation tester. I am now able to use Katalon Studio to automate a variety of tasks. I am also more confident in my ability to design and implement automation solutions.

Achieved certification(s): Professional

Akshay Hiremath

Associate Software engineer

Katalon certifications helped me to learn and overcome these kind of challenges like handling multiple iframes and different objects, using enhanced click keywords and global variables for different tasks. I learned lot using katalon, it’s one of the best automation tools, i have automated Salesforce kind of application and SOAP UI API testing.

Achieved certification(s): Expert

Atul Kumar Rai

Senior Project Lead (QA)

I learned a lot using katalon, it’s one of the best automation tool for those who do not know coding or little coding knowledge. Katalon certifications helped me learn, overcome many challenges, and explore better use cases. I was able to automate web testing projects.

Achieved certification(s): Expert

Kalpana Kukreja

Test Consultant at Rapid Circle

The program was comprehensive and provided in-depth coverage of various aspects of Katalon, enabling me to gain a holistic understanding of its capabilities and features. It not only covered theoretical concepts but also focused on real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises. This approach allowed me to apply my newly acquired knowledge directly to practical situations, enhancing my skills and confidence in using Katalon effectively.

Achieved certification(s): Professional

Quality Engineering

It took me around 2 weeks to complete all three certifications. I was able to automate three different technologies, and this was made possible only because Katalon is really easy to work with. If I have to make a decision on tool selection, I will surely consider Katalon, as you get a low-code solution along with an easy approach to creating customised keywords. The certification programme is an effective approach where a user is evaluated on the basis of hands-on experience and completion of milestones.

Achieved certification(s): Expert

Best practices to achieveKatalon Certificates


If you have already used Katalon, log in and go to your profile to see your progress against the criteria.


If you are a new user, learn how to use Katalon to get certified by taking these courses.


Leverage the 30-day trial upon account registration to use the full capabilities of Katalon to achieve the certifications.


Join Katalon Community to get support, earn kudos points, and exchange them for Katalon licenses to get high-level certifications.