Prepare your students for a career in software testing

Demand for skilled automation testers is higher than ever thanks to the increasing adoption of emerging technologies like web, mobile, and AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), along with the 40 million USD automation testing industry's continued growth.

The Katalon for Education program helps educational institutions worldwide to prepare their students for this thriving field with:

Free licences to use Katalon - a Modern and Comprehensive Quality Management platform with AI-augmented testing features

Practical, hands-on projects, and real-life case studies to equip students with the right testing skills and mindset.

Opportunities to connect with testing experts worldwide and contribute to Katalon Platform's development on our Community.

What you’ll get with the Katalon for Education program

A 1-year Katalon Platform subscription free of charge for education and training purposes. Learn more about the Katalon Platform

Practical demos to showcase the full capabilities of the Katalon Platform. See Katalon Integration and Demos

Access to online courses and learning paths to master Katalon Platform. Visit Katalon Academy now

Opportunities to engage with and learn from other testing practitioners and experts on Katalon Community. Join Katalon Community now

3 easy steps to get your free licenses with the Katalon for Education program


Fill in the form

Click the “Sign up for free licenses” button below and fill in the form.


Submit the form

Our team will reach out and consult with you about your licensing needs.


Licenses granted!

You are granted with a 1-year Katalon Platform licenses to be used in your classroom or research project!


  • Education institutions must apply for the program through their business email addresses.
  • The total number of licenses provided is based on the total number of users.

Accelerate your students' learning with the Katalon for Education program today

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