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Learner’s stories

Learn how Katalon Academy has helped to open new doors of opportunity for our learners below.

Johan Antonius Salim

Katalon Certification program like an exciting quest, where I gain profound insights into Katalon's capabilities.


My goal is to not only enhance my skills but also to share my experience with others, recommending Katalon as a game-changer in the world of test automation.

Johan Antonius Salim - Technical Consultant Analyst

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne

I was able to land a new role because I highlighted my Katalon Certification on my resume.


The courses solidified my grasp on test automation best practices, providing a structured journey to master Katalon Studio and approach automation strategically.

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne - Lead QA Automation Engineer

Sanket Dudhe

I started my Katalon Academy journey due to the challenges we encountered with Selenium, seeking a more efficient and promising testing solution.


This transformation in our testing processes didn't just benefit our clients; it also earned me the recognition of 'Star Employee of the Year,' a testament to Katalon's effectiveness in the world of test automation.

Sanket Dudhe - Technical Consultant at Perficient

Abhishek Kumar

I opted for Katalon Academy to gain in-depth knowledge about Katalon Studio.


I made the deliberate choice to enroll in Katalon Academy to acquire a deep understanding of Katalon Studio, a complete automation testing solution.

Abhishek Kumar - Consultant


I chose Katalon Academy to enhance my automation testing skills, aligning with my career aspirations.


I found Katalon Academy to be the ideal platform for enhancing my automation testing skills. It strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice, aligning seamlessly with my career aspirations.

SREERAG P H - Test Automation Engineer

Monty Bagati

Katalon Academy is easy, simple and convenient just like Katalon Platform.


The diverse resources offered by Katalon Academy collectively played a vital role in shaping my learning journey and ultimate success in the field of test automation.

Monty Bagati - QA Manager

Asha Dhandu Subramaniam

I started Katalon Academy journey since I need to automate a wide array of applications in our project.


Our quest led us to Katalon Academy, primarily due to its comprehensive capabilities and its user-friendly nature. It checked all the boxes, offering the essential tech support and other qualities we were seeking.

Asha Dhandu Subramaniam - Senior Test Analyst

Kalpana Kukreja

Katalon Academy has been instrumental in enhancing my expertise in test automation and expanding my career opportunities.


I gained valuable expertise in test report generation, object maintenance, project creation, and fundamental API testing. This newfound knowledge significantly contributed to my career growth and enabled me to provide effective solutions to my clients.

Kalpana Kukreja - Test Consultant

Bharathi Anguraj

I registered for Katalon Academy to overcome the initial challenges I faced with Katalon.


Katalon Academy has been the missing piece of my learning journey, bridging the gaps and allowing me to maximize the benefits of Katalon Studio, a tool I've embraced and utilized for over two years.

Bharathi Anguraj - Technology Specialist QA

Ashok Kumar Manohar

I chose Katalon Academy because it's a free, high-quality resource for learning test automation.


The courses are well-organized and easy to follow, and the community is supportive. I've learned a lot from Katalon Academy and I'm confident that it will help me advance my career in test automation.

Ashok Kumar Manohar - Associate Quality Lead