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Auguste Leroy Feumeugne

I was able to land a new role because I highlighted my Katalon Certification on my resume.

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The courses solidified my grasp on test automation best practices, providing a structured journey to master Katalon Studio and approach automation strategically.

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne , Lead QA Automation Engineer


  • Boosted efficiency by 50%.
  • Helped the company save approximately $60,000 per release cycle by reducing regression testing time.
  • Enhanced code quality, reducing defects by 25%.


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“The Katalon Certified Automation Engineer certification course significantly enhanced my grasp of test automation best practices and provided a structured approach to mastering Katalon Studio.”

The Katalon Certified Automation Engineer certification course and exam greatly contributed to formalizing my grasp of test automation best practices. The structured format, encompassing each lesson and recipe, not only equipped me with the fundamentals of utilizing Katalon Studio but also honed my ability to approach test automation strategically from an engineering standpoint.



“My experience with Katalon Academy has significantly expanded my skills in test automation, encompassing various critical areas.”

My experience with Katalon Academy has enriched my test automation skills in numerous key domains. I've learned how to create robust test automation frameworks, implement cross-browser testing strategies, automate mobile app testing for both Android and iOS, validate REST APIs, integrate tests into CI/CD pipelines, master debugging techniques, generate comprehensive test reports, and design effective and maintainable test cases. Katalon Academy has been instrumental in making me a more versatile and proficient test automation engineer.



“How did I apply what I learned in my job?”

I spearheaded the development of a robust automation testing framework for a critical web application upgrade, implementing best practices such as the Page Object Model, data management, and reporting.I utilized lessons from Katalon Academy to create highly parameterized API tests, which played a pivotal role in identifying and rectifying crucial backend failures before integration. I configured our Jenkins CI/CD pipeline, following the course guidelines, enabling automated test execution with each code change. I initiated the automation of native iOS and Android apps, elevating quality through the creation of reusable wrapper classes and cross-device testing. I applied certification preparation techniques to swiftly identify and resolve issues, contributing to efficient debugging in our projects.

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Johan Antonius Salim

Katalon Certification program like an exciting quest, where I gain profound insights into Katalon's capabilities.


My goal is to not only enhance my skills but also to share my experience with others, recommending Katalon as a game-changer in the world of test automation.

Johan Antonius Salim - Technical Consultant Analyst

Sanket Dudhe

I started my Katalon Academy journey due to the challenges we encountered with Selenium, seeking a more efficient and promising testing solution.


This transformation in our testing processes didn't just benefit our clients; it also earned me the recognition of 'Star Employee of the Year,' a testament to Katalon's effectiveness in the world of test automation.

Sanket Dudhe - Technical Consultant at Perficient