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Monty Bagati

Katalon Academy is easy, simple and convenient just like Katalon Platform.

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The diverse resources offered by Katalon Academy collectively played a vital role in shaping my learning journey and ultimate success in the field of test automation.

Monty Bagati , QA Manager


  • Effectively implemented Katalon Studio for 2 prominent European companies.
  • A notable improvements in testing processes.


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“All the resources provided by Katalon Academy played a crucial role in my learning journey and success.”

From the structured courses and certification programs to the informative videos, interactive learning paths, and supportive community, every element contributed to my growth as a test automation professional. The structured courses and certification programs provided the foundational knowledge and advanced skills required for test automation, ensuring I had a solid understanding of automation best practices and the ability to apply them effectively. The informative videos and interactive learning paths enriched my learning experience by offering in-depth insights and practical examples, making complex concepts easier to grasp and apply. Additionally, the supportive community has been a valuable source of guidance and encouragement, enabling me to seek help when faced with challenges and learn from the experiences of others.



“The skills I acquired through Katalon Academy have significantly bolstered my expertise in automation testing and test management.”

These skills include a profound understanding of test automation principles, the utilization of AI features for more efficient testing, and the implementation of effective test management via TestOps. Learning these skills not only enhanced my capabilities as a test automation professional but also positioned me to excel in the dynamic field of software testing. Through Katalon Academy, I gained the knowledge and proficiency to stay at the forefront of the industry, delivering high-quality software and ensuring that our testing processes are optimized for success.



“How did I apply what I learned in my job?”

I effectively implemented Katalon Studio for two prominent European companies, leading to notable improvements in their testing processes. These implementations significantly reduced sprint story points, especially in regression testing. The benefits included a significant reduction in manual tasks, enhanced scalability for testing a broader range of scenarios in less time, and considerable cost savings. This success not only showcased the versatility of Katalon Studio but also demonstrated my expertise in advanced test automation solutions.

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Johan Antonius Salim

Katalon Certification program like an exciting quest, where I gain profound insights into Katalon's capabilities.


My goal is to not only enhance my skills but also to share my experience with others, recommending Katalon as a game-changer in the world of test automation.

Johan Antonius Salim - Technical Consultant Analyst

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne

I was able to land a new role because I highlighted my Katalon Certification on my resume.


The courses solidified my grasp on test automation best practices, providing a structured journey to master Katalon Studio and approach automation strategically.

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne - Lead QA Automation Engineer