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Abhishek Kumar

I opted for Katalon Academy to gain in-depth knowledge about Katalon Studio.

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I made the deliberate choice to enroll in Katalon Academy to acquire a deep understanding of Katalon Studio, a complete automation testing solution.

Abhishek Kumar , Consultant


  • Reduced the test execution time to 60% in terms of delivery time.
  • Made process easy to lean and automate.


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“I have extensively explored Katalon's documentation and utilized YouTube video tutorials.”

My learning journey with Katalon has been greatly enriched by thorough exploration of Katalon's comprehensive documentation and insightful YouTube video tutorials. These resources have proven to be invaluable, equipping me with the knowledge and skills essential for my success in mastering Katalon Studio.



“I found that learning Visual Automation, Cloud Integration/Execution, API Testing, and Mobile Testing with Katalon Academy was exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly.”

I found the process of acquiring expertise in Visual Automation, Cloud Integration/Execution, API Testing, and Mobile Testing with Katalon Academy to be remarkably straightforward and approachable. Katalon Academy's well-structured resources and user-friendly platform made it not only easy but also enjoyable to delve into these areas. This facilitated a comprehensive understanding of these crucial aspects of test automation, greatly enhancing my proficiency and enabling me to apply these skills effectively in my work.



“How did I apply what I learned in my job?”

I'm currently developing a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate Katalon Studio's capabilities to our team. This POC will serve as a powerful tool to showcase Katalon's automation potential, allowing us to confidently present it as a top-notch automation solution when clients approach us.

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Johan Antonius Salim

Katalon Certification program like an exciting quest, where I gain profound insights into Katalon's capabilities.


My goal is to not only enhance my skills but also to share my experience with others, recommending Katalon as a game-changer in the world of test automation.

Johan Antonius Salim - Technical Consultant Analyst

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne

I was able to land a new role because I highlighted my Katalon Certification on my resume.


The courses solidified my grasp on test automation best practices, providing a structured journey to master Katalon Studio and approach automation strategically.

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne - Lead QA Automation Engineer