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Bharathi Anguraj

I registered for Katalon Academy to overcome the initial challenges I faced with Katalon.

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Katalon Academy has been the missing piece of my learning journey, bridging the gaps and allowing me to maximize the benefits of Katalon Studio, a tool I've embraced and utilized for over two years.

Bharathi Anguraj , Technology Specialist QA


  • Reduced a lot of work.
  • Katalon helped me to increase productivity and efficiency by 100%.
  • Time-consuming tasks are now streamlined with Katalon Studio.


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“In the year 2020, my discovery of the YouTube channel "Learn Automation Online" marked a pivotal moment in my journey with Katalon Studio. ”

The year 2020 became a significant milestone in my journey with Katalon Studio. During this period, while I was eager to explore the capabilities of Katalon Studio, I faced a challenge: the lack of comprehensive learning resources to start with. It was in this quest for knowledge that I stumbled upon the YouTube channel "Learn Automation Online." With the knowledge gained from "Learn Automation Online," I could delve into Katalon Studio with a solid understanding of its core capabilities, making my journey in the world of test automation more manageable and rewarding. This channel was indeed a valuable stepping stone in my ongoing exploration of Katalon Studio.



“Katalon Academy has been a pivotal part of my learning journey, especially in achieving certification. This educational platform equipped me with a wide array of skills.”

Katalon Academy has been a pivotal part of my learning journey, especially in achieving certification. This educational platform equipped me with a wide array of skills. These encompass not only API testing within Katalon Studio and the adept use of Katalon Cloud but also a solid understanding of Katalon Runtime Engine. Furthermore, I've harnessed my expertise by mastering multiple Katalon integrations, such as GIT, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, JIRA, and Kobiton. These newfound skills have significantly enhanced my capabilities as a tester and have been invaluable in my testing projects.



“How did I apply what I learned in my job?”

Before I joined my current organization, I worked as an automation test engineer. My skill set included proficiency in Java, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and experience with frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, and BDD. However, after becoming a part of my current organization, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth. I acquired extensive knowledge in Automation using Katalon Studio, broadening my skills to encompass API testing, mobile testing, and cloud test execution. I also delved into parallel test execution in test clouds and harnessed the power of Katalon Runtime Engine. Moreover, I've become adept in utilizing various Katalon integrations, including GIT, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, JIRA, and Kobiton. This transition in my skill set has enabled me to be a more versatile and capable automation tester, contributing significantly to the success of our testing projects.

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Johan Antonius Salim

Katalon Certification program like an exciting quest, where I gain profound insights into Katalon's capabilities.


My goal is to not only enhance my skills but also to share my experience with others, recommending Katalon as a game-changer in the world of test automation.

Johan Antonius Salim - Technical Consultant Analyst

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne

I was able to land a new role because I highlighted my Katalon Certification on my resume.


The courses solidified my grasp on test automation best practices, providing a structured journey to master Katalon Studio and approach automation strategically.

Auguste Leroy Feumeugne - Lead QA Automation Engineer