Katalon Recorder: Test Automation for Start-Ups & Small Teams

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This chapter introduces Katalon Recorder, a practical and easy-to-use web extension for non-tech users that requires no coding or testing experience.
Katalon Test Automation Platform

If you are new to test automation, or want to try out a testing tool that requires little programming experience, then Katalon Recorder is for you.

Katalon Recorder is a free lightweight browser extension for automated testing on the web. This extension helps you turn interactions on websites into automated test scripts that you can edit and execute easily. Start-ups and small businesses can use Katalon Recorder to quickly perform cross-browser automated testing on Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • What to expect when starting test automation
  • What popular test automation tools in the market have to offer
  • An efficient way to kick-start test automation
  • Reducing frictions in testing activities to scale faster

By the end of this course, you will know how to apply data-driven testing, use tags for test cases to run a dynamic test suite, view advanced reports on TestOps, and export Recorder tests to Katalon Studio.

Chapter 1 - Katalon Test Automation Platform

Chapter 3 - Reducing Frictions in Testing Activities to Scale Faster


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