Integrating Katalon Studio with Azure DevOps

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This chapter briefly walks you through a typical workflow of Azure DevOps and how Katalon Studio can integrate to support continuous testing and requirement traceability.
Katalon Integration in Azure DevOps Workflow

If you’re using the Azure DevOps ecosystem, then Azure Test Plans would most definitely be familiar to manage your test cases.

Katalon Studio is a favorite among teams wanting to incorporate test automation fast into their testing or DevOps pipeline. And using Katalon Studio’s low-code platform to create and run tests with the least amount of effort, your team can do just that.

In this course with Daisy Hoang, VP of Sales at Katalon, you will learn how to:

  • Collaborate cross-team on Azure Repos and keep track of pull requests
  • Trigger the execution of Studio tests suites on Azure Pipeline
  • Centralize job-specific release, build and test run information on Azure Test Plans
  • Map Katalon Studio’s automated tests and artifacts to corresponding tests on Azure Test Plans

By the end of this course, you will know how to integrate Katalon Studio with Azure Test Plans to sync and track all the necessary data.

Chapter 1 - Katalon Integration in Azure DevOps Workflow

Chapter 2 - Updating Test Results Automatically in Azure Test Plans

Chapter 3 - Mapping Azure Test Plans Tests to Katalon Studio


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