API Testing With Katalon Studio: The Basics

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This chapter will walk you through Katalon testing solution’s features, supported platforms, and achievements. We will also go over a few of Katalon’s other products, namely Katalon Recorder, Katalium, and TestOps.
An Introduction to Katalon

Chapter 4 - API Advanced Requests

Chapter 6 - Summary

This course guides you through the fundamentals of API testings. You will learn how to conduct it manually and create your first API test using Katalon Studio.

The following five chapters cover:

  • A brief summary of Katalon test automation solution
  • Requests for REST API and SOAP web service
  • Demonstrations of Katalon Studio testing capabilities using a real API
  • Test case request methods such as POST, PUT, and DELETE
  • Variables and test execution profiles available in Katalon Studio

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Katalon

An Introduction to Katalon


Hello and welcome to Katalon Academy. In this video, I'll give you a quick introduction to the test automation platform. Let's start with Katalon Studio, the free and all-in-one test automation solution that meets all testing needs, from APIs, web, desktop, and mobile applications with great reporting capabilities trusted by more than 65,000 companies and 850,000 testers worldwide.


2020 was Katalon Studio's second consecutive year being named the best automation testing software by Gartner. The nomination is based on customers' reviews on the overall quality of our product. We always aim to improve ourselves to meet our users' testing demands any feedback is much appreciated. So you're more than welcome to give us your thoughts on how to make our products better.


Katalan Studio works on many popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux which allows us to grow our user base. This also helps customer leverage their current resources without investing in more physical resources or learning how to use Katalon Studio on an OS that they are not familiar with.


Our various testing environments include the latest Android and iOS versions. We support all common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Microsoft Edge running on Chromium. Katalon Studio is available on Docker and cloud services container platforms like AWS or Azure DevOps which makes remote working easier, especially during these difficult times.


Katalon also works on rolling out other new relevant toolsets and updates to cover users' different needs throughout the automation testing pipeline looking to generate test scripts in various platforms and programming languages. Try out Katalon Recorder, a free Selenium IDE alternative and lightweight web extension for test automation or Katalium, a framework providing blueprints for test automation projects based on TestNG and Selenium.


If you want close investigation and analysis of test results for better decision optimization, you can rely on TestOps, our enterprise-ready platform for QA orchestration and we expect to release even more in the future. Our goal with Katalon Studio is to provide you with the easiest to use, most practical and cohesive test automation solution that requires zero coding experience. Now that you know more about Katalon products, let's get started and happy learning.

Chapter 2 - My First REST API and SOAP Web Service Requests

Chapter 3 - API Authorization Configuration

Chapter 4 - API Advanced Requests

Chapter 5 - Running API Testing in Different Environments

Chapter 6 - Summary