Improving Mobile Quality with Shift-Right Testing

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This chapter introduces Katalon solutions and integration with Kobiton to extend mobile testing capabilities.
Introduction to Katalon

Chapter 6 - Course Summary

This course will go through the best practices, including how to monitor your mobile application UX and performance in the production environment with different tools. 

These three chapters will cover:

  • Core principles of shift-right testing and its role in continuous testing
  • A comparison of shift-left and shift-right practices 
  • Deployment methods of dark launches and canary releases to ensure incremental releases for your mobile applications and reduce risks

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Katalon

Introduction to Katalon


Thanks everybody for joining me here today. As I said we're going to talk about improving mobile quality with shift-right testing. Before we jump into that, I'll just give a brief introduction to Katalon as well. You may know Katalon from our Katalon Studio product. It was our first test automation product and it allows you to author tests by recording and playing back, and customizing scripts. We do that across a wide variety of platforms.


It's been well-received last year. For the second year in a row, we've received an award from Gartner Peer Insights as the best test automation software. But these days, Katalon is more than just Studio. We are an all-in-one testing platform that also includes Katalon Recorder and Katalon TestOps. We help you test across a variety of platforms: doing API testing, mobile testing, web testing, desktop testing on Android, iOS, mini browser platforms. And of course, in mobile testing, we integrate with our partners at Kobiton. We have a plugin for the Kobiton system that really simplifies connecting to devices and executing tests on the Kobiton platform.

Chapter 2 - What is Shift-Right Testing?

Chapter 3 - Shift-Right vs Shift-Left Testing

Chapter 4 - Shift-Right Testing Practices – Release Management

Chapter 5 - Shift-Right Testing Practices – Monitoring

Chapter 6 - Course Summary


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