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Ravikanth Edamakanti

Senior Manager at Cigniti

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Ravi is an experienced QA professional specializing in both functional and API services testing, with a strong background in automation. His journey in the world of software testing has equipped him with a diverse skill set and a passion for sharing knowledge through various platforms.

Ravi is proficient in testing API endpoints to verify that they perform as expected. He is skilled in using various tools to check API functionality, reliability, performance, and security. He is adept at automating functional tests using Katalon, enhancing test coverage, and improving efficiency. Ravi has a strong ability to design and implement robust automation frameworks and is experienced in automating API tests with Katalon, ensuring seamless integration and communication between services. He has the ability to create comprehensive API test suites for continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Ravi has written many writing insightful and educational blogs on test automation solutions. He is experienced in creating engaging and informative YouTube videos, helping viewers understand and implement various automation tools and techniques. He has conducted numerous training sessions and workshops, helping teams enhance their testing capabilities. Ravi has provided consulting services to organizations looking to improve their QA processes and automation strategies. He has authored numerous blogs that have been widely read and appreciated by the testing community and produced a series of YouTube videos that have garnered a substantial following, helping many professionals advance their skills in test automation.

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