Pioneering Generative AI in Test Automation with Katalon

This learning path is for software QAs, automation newcomers, and professionals who are interested in exploring the emerging world of AI in test automation.

This path comprises courses that introduce Katalon’s AI-powered features, currently in their initial developmental stages, to streamline and enhance your team’s testing productivity. You’ll learn how to leverage Generative AI to create both manual and automated test cases, analyze test data, and boost testing efficiency with AI-driven insights.

Upon completion, you’ll have a foundational understanding and knowledge of AI’s role and future potential in test automation, giving you a head start in this innovative field. You will be able to use certain Katalon solutions to start incorporating AI to enhance your team’s testing workflow.


  • Complete all the courses in this path to earn your certificate of completion
  • Refresh this page to update the status of the enrolled courses if necessary

Learning path details

Level: All levels

Courses: 5

Estimated time: 2h 30m